Adventurers Among Us

Reminder! Adventurers Among Us is tonight, 16+55:00 to 17+55:00, Southeast Battlement.

This holo-lecture examines adventure pre-Change to post-Advent, showcasing real-life celebrity heroes, villains, swashbucklers, and spies—famous people who also had a life of adventure on the side, including singer Taylor Swift, quidditch player Viktor Krum, Brockian ultra-cricketeer Fnor Fnoré, Tau Ceti e’s Pochotnaya Bezgramota, and Emperor Gently.

Junior Espionage!

Reminder! Junior Espionage! is tonight, 16+55:00 to 17+55:00, Southeast Battlement.

For kids 5 to 205! Learn about the tradecraft, skills and tools essential to being a spy! Explore recruitment and training, and work your way through a real CLANDESTINE Course (Climbing Leaping Attacking Navigating Disappearing Enduring Slithering Time-traveling Intuiting Ninjaing Echolocating), just like one used to identify real agents for the Eridani Inquisitor’s Office!

Hello worlds!

Welcome to the new incarnation of our website!

The Museum of All Things Awesome and that Go Boom (MATAGB) has spent more than two centuries in the Old Ptolemy, the oldest surviving dancing building in the universe. Our site has been down since the building tripped and fell last month, crushing our server, but we’re back with a new design and the building has righted itself again.

Damage to the Old Ptolemy’s West Wing.

Watch this space for exciting new workshops and sneak peaks into our exhibits and permanent collection!