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Guided Tours

In Person: Tours of the MATAGB are given by Multiverse Association of Museums-accredited telepathic museum guides. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular museum-goer, our guides will customize their tour to your interests: you may be interested in an overview of the museum’s most storied items, or you might want to delve into a specific time period, genre, adventurer, or theme. Our regular group tours are offered every Thor’s Day, on the hour and half-hour, or you may book an individual tour in advance of your visit or when you pay admission.

Neural Implants: Explore the museum on your own, guided by the thoughts of curators and experts, as they share their passion for adventuring. For fifty gernsbacks, we can provide a loan of an implant for up to six months. Please note that implants are first come first served, and can not be reserved. For two hundred gernsbacks, implants may be purchased outright.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Adventurers Among Us: This holo-lecture examines adventure pre-Change to post-Advent, showcasing real-life celebrity heroes, villains, swashbucklers, and spies—famous people who also had a life of espionage on the side, including singer Taylor Swift, quidditch player Viktor Krum, Brockian ultra-cricketeer Fnor Fnoré, Tau Ceti e’s Pochotnaya Bezgramota, and Emperor Gently. First Seveneves of odd months, 16+55:00 to 17+55:00, Southeast Battlement.

Cover Identities: Attendees learn why an agent needs a cover identity, and are then led through the process of adopting one. This program is run in affiliation with the Eridani Inquisitor’s Office. Serious applicants only. The time, date, and location of this event will be revealed only upon registration; each attendee taught separately.

Junior Espionage!: For kids 5 to 205! Learn about the tradecraft, skills and tools essential to being a spy! Explore recruitment and training, and work your way through a real CLANDESTINE Course (Climbing Leaping Attacking Navigating Disappearing Enduring Slithering Time-traveling Intuiting Ninjaing Echolocating), just like one used to identify real agents for the Eridani Inquisitor’s Office! The second Aegirday of even months, 16+55:00 to 17+55:00, Southeast Battlement.

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A tentacles-on demonstration of death rays, energy swords, plasma guns, electromagnetic planet killers, sun eaters, projectile emitters, and relativistic weapons, and most importantly, how to counter them! Each class provides one hour of Continuing Adventuring Education credit. Third Taudays of odd months, 16+55:00 to 17+55:00, West Wardho.

As part of our educational mission, the MATAGB runs workshops, lectures, and courses through the following educational series:

Upcoming Special Events

Basic Buccaneering Workshop Series: A series of workshops for young heroes, hackers, criminals, outcasts, rebels, dissenters, malcontents, misfits, and visionaries. Ages 4 and up; participants under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Watch this space for upcoming dates.

The History of Secret History: This lecture series for adventurers and adult members of the general public chronicles the history of organized secrecy from pre-Change to post-Advent, with side trips to other planets’ histories. Each lecture provides one hour of CAE credit. Every second Kinday, 16+30:00 to 17+30:00, Central Dome.

  • 06-05: Black Chambers and Other Early Cipher Bureaus
  • 20-05: Opus Dei and the Knights Templar
  • 03-06: Martian Canals and the Water Plot
  • 17-06: Ciphers in Callisto’s Cyber War
  • 01-07: Roswell, Area 51, Camp David, and Other Alien Internment Camps on Earth That Was
  • 15-07: The Illuminati’s Connection to the Boojumverse
  • 29-07: Titan and the Titanic
  • 12-08: Skull and Bones on Alpha Centauri Bb
  • 26-08: Mistakes of the Change Agents
  • 09-09: The New Galactic Order
  • 23-09: Thestias’ Codex Buccaneers
  • 07-10: Timeline B and the Reptilian Elite
  • 21-10: Mos Eisley’s Secret Past
  • 04-11: Dagon’s Project Mayhem
  • 18-11: Epsilon Reticuli Ab’s Freemasons
  • 02-12: Permutation on Epsilon Eridani b
  • 16-12: Emperor Gently and the Age of Bravery
  • 30-12: Pochotnaya Bezgramota’s takeover of Tau Ceti e
  • 13-01: Phantom Time on Dulcinea
  • 27-01: The League of Nonsense
  • 10-02: The Esoteric Motives Behind Kapteyn b’s Foreign Policy
  • 24-02: What You Don’t Know About the Advent of the Dread Democracy
  • 10-03: The Biggest Secret

Stormy Days and Swashbuckling Knights (Adventure Film Series): A different movie classic is screened on the fourth Kinday of each month, 20+00:00, Central Dome.

  • 25-03: Crouching Robot, Hidden Cyborg (2511)
  • 22-04: Mad Max: Chrononaut (2021)
  • 27-05: Contraterrene Element (2097)
  • 24-06: Once Upon a Time on Alpha Centauri (2508)
  • 22-07: Princess Monoamine (2133)
  • 26-08: Topopolis (2358)
  • 23-09: Apocalypse Elsewhen (2189)
  • 28-10: Pigs In Space (2078)
  • 25-11: The Bridge on the River Quark (2157)
  • 23-12: Raiders of the Lost Arcology (2487)

The Swashbuckling Sciences Lecture Series: A lecture series for the general public. Attendees must be at least 16 years of age (2.56 years of age for star beasts; age for hive minds shall be counted by the age of the oldest member, not the member whose body is in attendance). Watch this space for upcoming dates.

Book Your Own Event

Operation Draconis: An interactive exhibit! Participate in a spy simulation which also functions to introduce you to the city of Draconis. You assume the role of a covert agent and move from place to place, where clues, injectables, landmarks, puzzles, and telepathic messages help you work through a mission involving the interception of a biohazard. Separate admission fee.

Swashbuckling Slumber Party: Make your own parrots from the museum’s own nanobots, hunt the frumious bandersnatch by torchlight, or even blind yourself in one eye (it’s only temporary, dads and moms!), and then sleep in the ancient turrets of the Old Ptolemy under real wampa furs. In the morning, the MATAGB will provide a piratey breakfast and a family-friendly live spectacle. 1 adult required for every 3 children attending. Admittance to the museum on a contiguous day may be purchased at a 50% discount.