Swirl 3


Lady Bluu (2316-2378), “Swirl 3,” 2366.

Lady Bluu was born on the Grasslands on 07/07/2316 to Lord Chester d’Avranche and Lady Nantwich Montebourg-d’Avranche of Earth, who fled to Epsilon Eridani b after the Interdictment of London in 2303. Bluu d’Avranche was disowned after she married five brothers from Thestias, a traditional arrangement on that planet which offended her more provincial parents. Bluu graduated from the Art Institute of Coriadalus, a now-abandoned city in the Badlands, where she met sculptor Fit Karr in 2336. Karr introduced Bluu to Tawren Bismer, the founder of the Glasslands Group, in 2337, and the two are said to have enjoyed a platonic love affair until Bluu’s death in 2378. The Glasslands Group believed that a distinct Eridani art could be developed through direct contact with the unique nature of their region, the only known area in the multiverse with living plants made of glass. The Glasslands Group also included painters Jick Carson and Gear Harwer and founder scent-artist Tawren Bismer. Their work influenced later Glasslands artists like Q Joumayar and Divoni Pilyeu.